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The whales are back!

Whale Watching on Oahu

Between December and May, some of the Earth’s largest creatures make their way into the waters of Oahu, Hawaii for feeding and frolicking. During the winter months, migratory Humpback whales can be found splashing just minutes from the shoreline!

How to Go Whale Watching on Oahu

Pick a Tour Company If you’d rather sit back, relax, and enjoy an oceanic adventure as you search, an Oahu whale tour might be your best choice. On one of these boat cruises, an experienced guide leads you to the best whale spotting areas! These marine experts know all of the secrets that ensure a fruitful trip. Here are some of the companies to consider:

  • Ocean Joy Cruises

  • Wild Side Specialty Tours

  • Tradewind Charters, Inc.

  • Dolphin Excursions Hawaii.

Spot Them on Your Own Another fantastic way to spot whales around Oahu is from the vantage point of your choosing! Some of the most popular places to post up and watch for whales include Hanauma Bay, the Makapu’u Lighthouse (also one of the best lighthouse hikes on Oahu), and Diamond Head’s variety of seaside overlooks. Oahu’s many beaches also offer occasional sightings!

Tips for Spotting a Kohola

Be Patient Humpback whales are known as Kohola here on Oahu, and locals will tell you that these special creatures require patience. While some people experience a tail-splash within minutes of their trip, others must wait. Be patient and remember that, even if you don’t catch a glimpse of a Kohola, you’re still in one of the most captivating places in the world!

Keep Your Distance Hawaii regulations require that you stay at least 100 yards away from a whale, whether you’re in a boat or swimming. Here on Oahu, we practice malama ‘aina: Caring for the land. That also means caring for the creatures that naturally inhabit it!

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