Aloha.  My name is Brian Lauro.  My wife, Heather and I moved to the island a few years ago and absolutely fell in love.  Between the jungle, the mountains and the ocean, there are endless things to do and explore.  We adventure great together  and wanted to share that with you.  I have done over 300 hikes on the island and have explored nearly every crack and crevice.  My wife tells me "I drove it like I stole it."  She means the island and everything that God gave us to enjoy.  I spend nearly everyday sharing this place with people I meet.  These experiences knit us together like family hence the name Ohana.  Come hike with me and become part of "My Hiking Ohana."

Background:  I have 32 years experience as a public safety professional.  I am a retired police officer and have continued my safety career instructing others in CPR, first aid, self defense, personal protection and life safety.     

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